Online Safety and Security


We live in the developed world where it is now finally safe to walk on the city streets. Police and security guards are there to protect us in the physical world. But who is watching out for us when we are online?


  1. Cyber crime and state-sponsored attacks are becoming more and more common. Hackers are now shifting their focus form companies to the individuals. Cars, airplanes, smart homes and other connected devices along with personal phones can be exploited by malicious attackers.
  2. Online reputation is becoming increasingly more important. Potential business partners conduct thorough research prior to signing deals. Bad reputation online dramatically decreases chances to succeed in business and other areas of your life.
  3. Children’s safety online is at risk. Cyber-bullying, identity theft; with a rapid development of mobile technology and geolocation, tracking the whereabouts of your children is as easy as ever, opening opportunities for kidnappers or worse.


We offer a one-stop-shop for end-to-end protection of online identity and reputation for you and your children.

A platform of personalised and continuous online threat monitoring secures you, your connections, applications and devices and ensures safety and security online.

Acting as a cyber bodyguard, it is available 24/7 and dramatically reduces the risk of being affected by cybercrime .


We work with highly-skilled professionals in the field of law, cyber security, technology, information privacy, digital marketing, psychology and law enforcement to ensure you get all you need in one place to safety secure online

Get in touch to get a free personalised online security and privacy risk assessment today.

Service Free Plus Premium
Security and privacy self-assessment V V V
Basic online profile analysis V V V
Online traceability analysis V V V
General online privacy and security guidelines V V V
Personalised risk assessment V V
Advanced online profile analysis V V
Personalized recommendations and steps for reducing, mitigating or transferring risk V V
Mobile application for controlling and monitoring of applications’ activity V V
Technology solution for online privacy and security V V
Penetration testing V
Assessment for family members (up to 5) V
Cyberbullying protection for children V
Geolocation assessment V
24/7 support V
Periodical assessment and detailed recommendations V
Physical security assessment V
Connected cars security V
Smart home security V

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