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Leron is a forward-thinking security leader specialising in cyber security strategy, management and delivery. He has led large scale, global, high value security transformation projects to improve cost performance and support business strategy.

Leron has extensive knowledge and practical experience in solving information security, privacy and architectural issues across multiple industry sectors. His business acumen, technology insight, team leadership and facilitation skills allow him to enable businesses to thrive while managing cyber security risks.

Leron is also a book author, award-winning speaker and advisor to startups helping them grow and innovate while protecting them against cyber threats.

Check out my book The Psychology of Information Security


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All views and opinions stated on this site are my own and are in no way reflective of my past or present employers’ views and opinions.

This website and its content is the copyright of Leron Zinatullin © 2021. All rights reserved.

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  1. Hello

    I’m M.A in information security engineering and i’m from Iran and i want to translate your book “The Psychology of Information Security” in persian. I red the table of content of your book and it’s very beneficial for us. What should i do? Do i have permission to translate?

    Best Regards

    Saeed Kazem Pourian

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