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Leron Zinatullin is an experienced risk consultant, specialising in cyber security strategy, management and delivery.  He has managed large scale, global, high value security transformation projects with a view to improve cost performance and support business strategy. He has extensive knowledge and practical experience in solving information security, privacy and architectural issues across multiple industry sectors.


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Leron has been providing invaluable support to NextSec. As a committee member, Leron has helped to set or share our group’s strategy, actively helping to drive the agenda and activities of the group. These are aimed at supporting junior professionals with events delivered to enhance opportunities for professional development and to attract students pursuing a career in Cyber Security. Leron is very professional with this work and is always committed to help to deliver our activities. It has been great to work with Leron on the NextSec initiative.

3503526Alessandro Da Silva

IGM Manager Pharma at Novartis

I’ve worked with Leron for several months now and he is one of the most knowledgeable, reliable and honest people I’ve met within the industry.

Leron has created a fantastic blog site at zinatullin.com. He´s pulled together industry rock stars, interviewed them, and shared his insights with all of his followers. I´d highly recommend working with Leron and if you don´t sign up to receive his blog by email, you’re missing out!

1488171Joe Pettit

Managing Editor at Tripwire

Leron volunteered with Plan My Gap Year in Kampala, Uganda from the 2nd June to the 16th June 2013 as part of a group of 8 students from UCL. I led the group for the first 3 days of the expedition after which the group managed itself independently. Leron’s confidence and natural leadership skills resulted in me appointing him group leader to head the group after my departure.

During the two week period Leron volunteered at a number of different projects including teaching English, computer studies, field research and NGO support. He worked alongside his UCL colleagues as well as local staff from the NGO, Mengo Youth Development Link.

Leron adapted quickly to all the tasks assigned to him and the varied working environments. He is a natural leader who showed great maturity considering he was placed at a grassroots NGO in a developing country. He had the initiative to work independently as well as leading group activities.

It was a pleasure to meet and work alongside Leron. He is a great guy, who has a good sense of humour and is obviously very talented.

We are very grateful for his service and I wish him the very best of luck in the future.

397c31eGad Mimran

Co-Founder of Plan My Gap Year

Leron is a great team player!

2fc3530Eugenia Kolbina

Investment manager at Group of companies “Gazprom”

Leron is a talented person who really likes to solve difficult tasks in creative way. I worked with Leron on projects related to sensitive personal data security and he showed himself as real professional in information security and a good colleague who can give you an advice when you really need it.

I also contacted Leron during his next career steps in Gazprom Mezhregiongaz and UCL – it was a great pleasure to discuss actual information security related news with Leron.

341a0bcArseny Kapralov

Information Security Analyst at GE Capital

Leron is an extremely talented, skilled and focused information security specialist. He’s not afraid of taking on tasks that require him to learn new technologies, and he is truly a fast learner.

36cf978Sergei Malikov

Project Manager at ICL KME CS

I worked with Leron on a consulting project at ICL KME-CS. Leron is a self-starter, open-minded and creative in his problem solving approach. He is always on the forefront of industry trends and, at the same time, very practical at work.

I was impressed with his ability to produce great results within a short amount of time. I gladly recommend Leron as a strong professional and valuable team member.

Ildar Ilyasov

Identity Management Specialist at ICL KME CS

Leron is an experienced cyber security professional with numerous professional certifications and several years of experience.

His expertise covers more or less all major areas of information security and he is always keen to learn more. He has recently completed our M.Sc. in Information Security in London. His average grade is more than 70 out of 100. In particular he has done excessively well in topics such as Computer Security, Cryptography, Applied Cryptography, Security Management and Business Project Management.

He has participated in our team which won the title of the UK Cipher Champion for 2013 which consisted of cracking a series of puzzles.

He is also a very nice person and he is appreciated by lots of people.

0d18904Nicolas Tadeusz Courtois

Senior Lecturer at University College London

Leron worked in a Student Consultancy Project for ‘Russia Local’ under the umbrella of UCL Advances. He was the project leader in a team of 4 students that successfully designed and conducted market research and a competitor analysis. Their client was very satisfied with the recommendations and growth opportunities that arised from their research. Leron was a great project manager and I am happy to recommend him.

18c62ffNicolás Ulloa Olguin

Business Support Operations Manager at UCL Advances

Having worked with Leron on several group based initiatives, I can attest to his qualities of determination and commitment. His industry awareness was also apparent as he drew upon his past information security experience to illustrate practical examples during classroom contributions.

216efd6Shiva Bissessar

Managing & Technical Director at Pinaka Technology Solutions

Having studied with Leron in Kazan State Technical University, from the very beginning, he showed himself as very motivated and purposeful person with strong communication skills. Starting from the first year, he already showed great management skills, which is why he was chosen as the Head of the university student group. He is a very friendly, talented and creative man who really likes to solve problems in an effective and productive way.

He not only carried out all academic tasks and course work in a brilliant way, but also actively participated in different professional conferences and non-academic events. Leron is a very energetic and easy-going person.

22c7ddaDinislam Abdulgalimov

Project Manager at Glonass+112

I studied with Leron at the Kazan State Technical University and participated with him in several group projects. Leron is an enthusiastic team leader, a good listener and is skilled at generating ideas. Leron can understand the source of the problem in a short time and propose strong solutions. He is very proactive and he is always ready to help in the time of need. Besides, he has a great personality and is easy to work with.

3cb48c0Tim Osadchiy

Project manager at Document management systems

I have known Leron in the capacity of an iShare Knowledge management champion while working as a deputy in his team. Leron has been an excellent coach and leader and this can be exemplified by his focus on the job and his drive to make sure the entire team feels accountable and involved which results in better quality of work. Leron has always encouraged me to take on more responsibility and has offered support where needed. This has mutually benefited our work under iKnow as well as helped to enhance my professional skills. In my opinion, Leron strikes the right balance between being professional yet friendly which is a very important quality in a mentor. Leron is also very proactive in organising weekly catch ups for the team to stay up to date with everyone’s work and in the event a meeting is not possible. Leron makes sure to follow up with the 4 team members individually ensuring there is no break in communication. Last but not least, my experience of working with Leron has been very motivating and knowledgeable.

0d6b2abRadhika Aggarwal

Risk Analyst at KPMG UK

Thanks for your support in on-boarding me at the client’s engagement and helping me come to grips with the ways of working. In my time here on the programme, you have introduced me to the project delivery framework and this has helped me to grow as a project manager. Your constant feedback and coaching skills have gone a long way to promote my development as an information security professional. Your support and advice on professional qualifications gave me the confidence I needed to undertake the SSCP exam and become a Systems Security Certified Practitioner. Observing you as a PM on various projects gave me the push to seize the opportunity to become the PM myself and you have consistently given me coaching in this area, from starting up the project and signing a statement of work to escalating issues and managing the suppliers. These have all helped me understand how my project contributes to the overall success of the programme. Many thanks!

080a475Temilola Oti

Analyst at KPMG UK

Leron is a very good mentor and I have learned a lot of things about Project Management from him. He has boosted my confidence and encouraged me to lead one of the projects independently and definitely lending a helping hand whenever I stumbled.

Leron always shown his leadership skills since the time we are working together. He definitely sets an example for his subordinates to look up to learn regarding being a team player as well as to lead a team.

Leron makes a positive impact on the team and our stake holders as he is confident in expressing his ideas during meetings. He takes lead and shares his knowledge with others and effectively put forward his suggestions.

Cheyithra Nanjappa

Assistant Manager at KPMG Global Services (India)

Over the past 12 months, Leron has lead the iKnow team in gathering new content for the iShare Knowledge Management portal. He audited the current content and developed a strong process for capturing and writing new case studies.

Leron’s persuasive and calm communication style has been pivotal in successfully increasing the number of high-quality case studies that the team now have available. He gives regular updates to me and the information he provides is clear and succinct, with a focus on the key point for which I need to take an action.

Leron played a key role in designing and developing the presentation that the iShare team gave at the October THM. He spoke confidently and knowledgably about what the iShare team did and how he could help users to contribute their case studies.

Leron leads a small team who he has clearly briefed and who are regularly monitored to ensure that the quality of case studies written or collected continue to meet a high standard. He makes himself available and shares his knowledge and experience with the rest of his team. As well as managing downwards, he has managed upwards: He has proactively sought out Engagement Managers to set up meetings for case study debriefs and worked with them to produce useful and informative content.

231f4a7Anastasia Fraser-Robinson

Bid Manager & Knowledge Management Lead at KPMG UK

During your time in my programme I have become aware of the following areas of strength:

  • Proactive and passionate:  You are always finding areas on which you can help in addition to the responsibilities that are assigned to you. You are enthusiastic on your work and go the extra mile whenever you can. Examples of this are the stakeholder map and org charts which you took the initiative to create and have been valuable for the work stream.
  • Adaptable: You joined the workstream when most of the projects were already in progress, the projects are very complex and I was impressed with how quickly you got up to speed and you acquired all the knowledge you needed to perform you role. You helped closing two of our projects on time which was really appreciated by the client and our stakeholders.
  • Quality of work and communication skills: The quality of your deliverables has been of very good standard and you have always flagged issues/risks in a timely manner and seeked advice when necessary.

Nayeli Peña
Cybersecurity Senior Manager at KPMG UK







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    I’m M.A in information security engineering and i’m from Iran and i want to translate your book “The Psychology of Information Security” in persian. I red the table of content of your book and it’s very beneficial for us. What should i do? Do i have permission to translate?

    Best Regards

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