This is one of these blog posts with no content. I just really wanted to share some pics from one of the coolest cities I had a privilege to live and work in for the past few months.

Helping clients in Saudi Arabia


I’ve recently completed an assignment for one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia where I had the┬ápleasure of helping my clients improve their cyber security posture. During my time there I had the opportunity to explore this beautiful country, learn about its rich history and make a few friends.

And in case you are wondering how an Arabic keyboard looks like, here you go:



Cyber Security in Hong Kong

I’ve spent a couple of weeks in Hong Kong supporting my global clients. It was very insightful to understand the local cyber security market and uncover specific client issues relevant to that market.

When I wasn’t facilitating workshops or working on client deliverables, I had an opportunity to explore the surroundings. It’s a very impressive part of the world and is definitely worth visiting. I’m coming again!

And in case you are wondering how a Chinese keyboard looks like, here you go: