Defining privacy is a difficult task.

No definition of privacy is possible, because privacy issues are  fundamentally matters of values, interests, and power – Alan Westin as  reported in Gellman (1997, p.194)
Privacy, however, is a concept in disarray. Nobody can articulate what it  means – Daniel Solove (2009,p.1)
It is not possible to give a unique, unitary definition of privacy that covers  all the diverse privacy interests  – Judith W. DeCew (1997, p.61)
Privacy is a value so complex, so entangled in competing and  contradictory dimensions, so engorged with various and distinct meanings,  that I sometimes despair whether it can be usefully addressed at all  – Robert C. Post (2001, p.2087)

I want to share with you several videos on privacy.

  • Short documentary: Why Privacy Matters
  • A mock up of ordering pizza by phone to show how peoples behaviour can be tracked.
  • A training video produced by the UK Information Commisioner’s Office on Data Protection Act, – Lights are on

Finally, Javvad explores the difference between security and privacy:


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