How will technology transform future business?

In what ways are you personally using technology to advance your business sector?

I am an information security specialist: Technology is at the very core of my business sector with innovation as its driving force. I help companies manage their constantly changing IT risks. I enable organisations to do business securely while protecting their assets from cyber threats.

It is important to bring innovative technology products and services that are secure enough to use in today’s interconnected world.

In what ways are you personally using technology to create positive social change?

I am promoting an information security culture regardless of a person’s age or occupation.
Just as people know how to protect themselves, their belongings and information in the real world, they must know how to do the same in the virtual world.

I’m teaching people to extrapolate their secure practices from the physical world into cyberspace to ensure that everyone can live free of fear that they or their children might be the prey of a cyber criminal.

How do you envision your work impacting the world over the next ten years?

I envision a future where my bathroom scale sends my weight to the doctor, my refrigerator tells the store when I’m low on milk, my car notifies my house when I’m away so that it saves energy, etc. My life is interconnected and doesn’t put me at risk of a break-in or identity theft.

In promoting a security culture and technology innovation, I see a community that lives comfortably and does business to its fullest capacity, knowing that they are secure.


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  1. Keaton says:

    Great blog I enjoyed reaading

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