Generative AI acceptable use policy

Encouraging the use of Generative AI technology at work can enhance productivity and streamline tasks. Generative AI can provide valuable support in various areas, from customer service and problem-solving to research and data analysis.

By leveraging the power of Generative AI, we can improve our workflows, reduce time spent on manual tasks, and ultimately achieve better results. However, we should also recognise the importance of using Generative AI responsibly and in accordance with company policies and guidelines. By doing so, we can maximise the benefits of Generative AI while protecting sensitive information and intellectual property. 

Below are some example guidelines to promote the acceptable use of Generative AI technology in your organisation.

  • Opt out of using the input and content for model training where possible .
  • Follow company policies, including guidelines on data protection, confidentiality, and acceptable use of company resources. 
  • Respect diversity and inclusion: Generative AI technology should be used in a manner that respects diversity and inclusion. This means avoiding the use of language or content that is discriminatory or offensive towards any individual or group. 
  • Protect sensitive information: You should not share sensitive information with Generative AI tools, as it can pose a security risk. Sensitive information should only be shared with authorised personnel and through secure channels. 
  • Be aware of biases: Generative AI may have biases due to the data it was trained on. You should be aware of these biases and avoid relying solely on Generative AI for decision-making purposes. 
  • Use appropriate tone and language: You should use an appropriate tone and language when interacting with Generative AI technology. Offensive or inappropriate language should be avoided. 
  • Not share customer information: You should not share customer information with Generative AI tools. This includes personally identifiable information, financial information, and any other information that could be used to identify a customer. 
  • Seek your line manager’s approval before sharing proprietary code with Generative AI. Proprietary code includes any software code, algorithms, or programming techniques that are developed or owned by the company. 
  • Not share personal information: You should not share personal information with Generative AI tools. This includes any information that can be used to identify an employee, customer or partner. 
  • Not share intellectual property: You should not share any intellectual property with Generative AI. Intellectual property includes any inventions, designs, or artistic works that are created by the company or its employees. 
  • Not engage in unlawful activities, such as facilitating the sale of illegal products or services. 
  • Not engage in misleading or fraudulent behaviour, such as providing false information or misrepresenting products or services. 

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